Volkswagen Beetle Hoods and Decklids

vintage VW deck lids and hoods

Recently, I was able to get my hands on 7) hoods and 11) deck lids from vintage Volkswagen Beetles. It was a great find and I immediately started painting on them this past two weeks. It has been so fun and satisfying!!! There is something about creating nature with old industrial canvases that can now be viewed inside out outside the home for enjoyment. They are recognizable and most people can identify with them due to their unique shape. Volkswagen announced its intent to end production of the car in 2019 after 80 years of production.

My pieces are varnished with multiple coats of acrylic varnish that protect images from water and UV light. They can be hung inside or outside. The deck lids are free standing and I put handles on the first deck lid piece I painted with the concept of using it in front of a fireplace as a cover when not in use.

I look forward to 2020 for more growth to khmogen design and more painting!