September 2016

Fall is finally in the air here in New Mexico. I love the smell of Chile roasting and the 70-80 degree temperatures.

I was invited by Thbooth_sme Heart of New Mexico Fiber Gathering to join them during the Harvest Festival at the Wildlife West Nature Refuge in Edgewood, New Mexico to exhibit my watercolors.  I had the good fortune to meet many wonderful New Mexican Fiber artists and apart from the toirvo_smwind it was a wonderful weekend in the east mountains.

A Finnish sheep owned by Hyer Wools named “Toivo” was there Saturday for a demo of the traditional custom of shearing sheep with hand shears or blades. It was fun to watch expert Kerry Mower use the technique to extract Toivo’s beautiful wool. Mr. Toivo will be a great model for a painting.

Falconer, Tom Smylie, a renown expert on the Peregrine Falcons in New Mexico allowpauline_smed me to photograph and HOLD a Peregrine Falcon. Wow, it was amazing.  I will be painting this magnificent bird for sure.

I am in the process of creating the next wave of new paintings. I have so many ideas to paint and will be posting new pieces as they become available.  Happy Fall.