almost the new year

2021 is nearing the end, I am ready to start a fresh new year. I hope to do as many art shows as possible in 2022 and continue to create my vintage metal paintings.

The month of December I have had off from shows but have been painting many pet portraits. If you are interested, I can paint your pet on either a 12″ sq. vintage ceiling tiles ($149) or a 14″ x 9″ roofing tiles ($99). They make great gifts.

In November, I attended the 2021 Recycle Santa Fe show at the convention center in Santa fe, NM. It was well attended and loved seeing all the people. I sold another Volkswagen hood so it is time to create another large piece.

Lake Life $399.00

This is my latest creation, half of a vintage piece of galvanized metal that was found on a former dairy farm in Tolleson, AZ, was just the size for this lovely loon. I love the patina that is found on these artifacts of the past that have weathered and aged throughout their life. I add my wildlife acrylic painting on these relics to enjoy now in current day. Each piece is protected with high quality UV and water protected acrylic varnish.

I wish all of you a very Merry Holiday season and a joyous New Year!!